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Vegetable Infused Water

While you can enjoy your flavored water as soon as 30 minutes after preparation, it is best to let the flavors infuse for at least 3 hours. After 3 hours the water will have had time to be infused with the flavors. If you want really fruity and tangy water, wait 12 hours before enjoying it.


  • Cucumber: 1 Round Sliced

  • Lemon: 1 Round Sliced

  • Mint Leaves: 1 Handful

  • Ginger: ¼ Sliced

  • Water: 1 Liter


  • Wash Cucumber, Lemon, Mint Leaves, and Ginger.

  • Cut Cucumber, Ginger, and Lemon into a round slice each.

  • Take 1 glass jar filled with 1 liter of Water

  • Put them into the water overnight.

  • Drink the next whole day

Nutritional Value:

  • Help cleanse toxins in your body.

  • Rich source of Vit C, Vit B, & Antioxidants

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