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Gut Reset Program

Root Cause Analysis

A variety of factors related to our current modern lifestyle can affect our Gut Health. High Stress Levels, Too Little Sleep, Eating a Western Diet Highly Processed in Nature or even over-reliance on Anti-Biotics can strain or affect your Gut Microbiome. 

Fixing Deficiencies

In the case of Gut Health, adding PreBiotics and ProBiotics as per requirement may help in improving the Gut Health. At this stage, Meal Plans are customised to fix any deficiencies in the body which can further improve Gut Health in totality.

Cleanse - In & Out

Just about any diet wont cut it, unless body's metabolism isn't right. An Internal Cleanse is an absolute must before starting adopting a diet program. We will remove the irritants in the initial days to get the body under alkaline position. Once the body starts responding, gradually a customised diet plan will be implemented accordingly.

Balanced Meals

Once the Gut Health is improved, by significant levels, and the key irritants and food intolerances are identified, a balanced meal chart is provided to ensure the Sustained Good Health of the Gut.

Improved Gut Health

Disturbed gut microbiome is the main root cause of more than 70% Diseases. At this stage, the emphasis will be on the regrowth of good gut microbes to manage recover the gut lining and strengthen up immune system. This process will essentially ensure a thorough detoxification.

Monitoring Weight

Focus through the entire Journey will be on Sustainable Weight Loss or managing an appropriate weight which doesn't bounce back in a short space of time. 

The gut is commonly referred to as your body’s “second brain.” This is because, besides the brain, the gut is the only other organ with its own nervous system. A healthy gut is extremely important to your overall wellbeing – as it affects your entire body. Unfortunately, gut health is often overlooked and not given the amount of care and attention it deserves.


According to an article by Douglas Lord, M.D., the gut is largely responsible for the critical factors of the body’s digestive and immune systems. The good bacteria in your digestive system can boost your body’s vitamin and mineral absorbency, hormone regulation, digestion, vitamin production, and immune response, along with the eliminating toxins. A healthy gut can even help improve mental health! 

So, to summarize, gut health is about way more than just digestion. While your gut does regulate the digestion of food, it also regulates your immune system and central nervous system – along with other bodily processes. If you’ve been neglecting your gut health, no need to fret. You can adopt some healthy habits to help your body restore and maintain a healthy gut.

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