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Liver Care Program

Root Cause Analysis

Close to 40% of the Indian Population is affected by the Non-Alcholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Fatty Liver is the infiltration of fats in hepatocytes (liver cells). Packaged foods, instant carbs, alcohol & hydrogenated oils are the root cause of fatty liver. Due to disturbed liver enzymes body is not able to digest certain foods. Thus finding the root cause is all the more important.

Fixing Deficiencies

Liver enzymes deficiencies lead to indigestion. If liver function is not proper consumption of vitamins & minerals becomes all the more important. Iron, and Vitamin B levels should also be closely tracked. Antioxidants that can recover the liver function & also reduce the aging effects are further recommended.

Cleanse - In & Out

From ancient times liver detoxification was in practice & people used to consume tripla to maintain liver health. To make the liver work at its optimum we must provide the right proposition of Protein & carbs & fats. Medium chain fatty acids are good for liver function & help to remove the fat deposits in the hepatocytes. If the liver is working optimally, diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, high bp, high cholesterol & cirrhosis of the liver can be avoided. 

Balanced Meals

For Fatty Liver not to progress to Cirrhosis we need specific nutrients which can help with proper body system regulation & hepatocytes to aid in with enhanced metabolism.

Improved Gut Health

Digestive system is connected with each other. The food digestion starts in the gut & later metabolism & energy conversion occur in the liver. If gut digestion is working properly then food metabolism will provide energy to the body otherwise the body system feels weak & the person remains lethargic. To Boost the gut & liver health gut internal microbiomes must be in balance.  

Weight Loss

Research suggests that losing weight is the single best thing you can do to control or reverse NAFLD. A good goal is to lose 10% of your total body weight, but even a loss of 3% to 5% can improve your liver health.

Fatty liver is the infiltration of fat in hepatocytes (liver cells). The cases of fatty liver are improving day by day due to multi factors like: 


1. Food metabolism mainly occurs in the liver & due to unbalancing of energy intake & its combustion leads to Fatty Liver. 

2. Due to peripheral resistance to insulin due to Type-2 –Diabetes.

3. Due to Metabolic Syndrome: abdominal obesity, high Blood pressure, high sugar levels, high triglycerides levels 

4. Increased Alcohol Intake 

5. Excess Carbohydrate intake in diet such as high-calorie food & packet food 

6. Due to Unbalancing of body hormones such as hypothyroidism, PCOD & hypopituitarism. 

Fatty Liver disease is classified into two main categories: 

1. Non Alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD): Due to high fructose intake is one of the major reasons for NAFLD high fructose consumption promotes fat accumulation in the liver by stimulating de novo lipogenesis in the liver and reducing the beta-oxidation of fat. The enzyme fructokinase rapidly metabolizes fructose & which leads to a decreased level of intracellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The decrease in ATP increases oxidative stress and impairments proper protein synthesis and mitochondrial function in the liver

2. Alcoholic fatty liver Disease (AFLD): Alcoholic fatty liver occurs due to excess consumption of alcohol for a long duration which leads to ethanol metabolism in the liver in excess which can further lead to hepatic cell damage, fibrosis & cirrhosis of the liver.  

Fatty liver can be classified as (ultrasound screening)  

Grade 1: No symptoms are present in the patient at this stage which is the scariest part.

Grade 2: Indigestion & Bloating & Flatulence with Insulin Resistance

Grade 3: Insulin Resistance stage with disturbance in Lipid Profile & Liver Enzymes needs medical supervision. 

Grade 4: Type-2 Diabetes, PCOD, with Fibrosis & Steatosis of Hepatocytes 

Grade 5: Cirrhosis 

Some Common Causes of Fatty Liver are as stated below:  

  1. Alcohol Intake in excess 

  2. Fructose Excess Consumption 

  3. Less Physical Activity or a sedentary lifestyle 

  4. Dysbiosis: poor gut health

  5. Insulin resistance & Obesity  

  6. Medication: few drugs harm the liver & long-term duration of intake of these can lead to Fatty Liver.


The liver is the powerhouse of our body that generates energy coins ATP patients suffering from fatty liver, NAFLD, and AFLD face low energy levels. To recover from the condition one should adopt good eating habits as well as an active lifestyle.  

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